Winter Outdoor Clothing Essentials

Winter is certainly upon us (with a vengeance!) and judging by the weather of late it’s certainly going to be a wet and windy one. Of course, the weather shouldn’t put you off enjoying the great outdoors in the colder months, and often the adverse weather conditions can make things all the more exciting – as long as you’re dressed for the occasion. Whether you’re staying in the UK this winter or heading off elsewhere for a wintery adventure, there’s one thing you definitely can’t compromise on and that is appropriate outdoor clothing. From an abundance of thick socks to a waterproof jacket, here’s a checklist of just a few of the essentials you’ll need to survive the cold.


Socks Socks Socks

You can never (ever) have enough socks. If you’re an avid walker and explorer this is something you’re certain to know all about already, but it is perhaps the best piece of advice you will receive. Investing in thick, woollen socks will help to keep your feet warm and dry even when it’s pouring down with heavy rain or snow. Spare pairs are a must and something to keep tucked away at the bottom of your walkers rucksack.


This goes without saying and is perhaps a little obvious, but investing in a good set of waterproofs is a must for anyone hoping to partake in any outdoor activities though out the colder months. From waterproof jackets to waterproof trousers, it might not be the most fashionable of clothing choices but it certainly does the job. When picking out a winter jacket, as well as being waterproof it’s important that it is thick enough to keep you warm whilst still allowing room to layer up should you need to.


A Good Pair of Boots

A sturdy pair of boots is perhaps the most important item on this list and something that any serious walker will no doubt already own. Walking boots are certainly worth the investment as they will allow you to enjoy the great outdoors whatever the weather. Pick something with a decent grip and that will support your ankles, especially if you’re walking in slippery conditions as they will help to protect your ankles if you fall. It’s important to keep up with cleaning and dubbing your walking boots as this will mean they will stay waterproof and in good condition for longer too.

A Rucksack (and Plenty of Snacks)

Wherever your adventures take you, you’re certain to have plenty of essential items you’re going to want to carry with you, whether that’s a picnic, emergency provisions or an extra sweater. A rucksack is recommended and of course not just any rucksack will do – it must be lightweight, water repellent (to a certain degree…) and comfortable to wear on long days out. Cheapy rucksacks are just that and are likely to leak, break easily or be uncomfortable to carry around for long periods of time.

Although some of these things are likely to be a little pricey, they are certainly worth the investment, especially if you’re intending on doing some serious walking this winter. If you’re in search of some good quality outdoor clothing and equipment, companies such as E-Outdoor are a great place to start your search.



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