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Four Best Places In London To Look For Property

The Big Smoke is a fantastic place to choose a home, whether you’re planning to raise a family or you’ll only be staying for a year with work. Everyone should live in London for at least a little while. But with the English capital being such a huge place, it’s tough to know which area is right for you. Fret not – we’ve got it covered!

Best for families: Bromley

1Goddington House. Image credit: Ian Capper


With great parks and outstanding schools, Bromley is an excellent choice for any family. The pedestrianised high street and weekly Farmers’ Markets, as well as the comprehensive Glades Shopping Centre, make venturing to the shops a swift and fulfilling affair, and there are plenty of fun, family-friendly local attractions nearby such as leisure centres, minigolf and the theatre. Check out this guide.


Best for business: Canary Wharf


Now a major business district, Canary Wharf has undergone something of a transformation since the 1980s when it was viewed as a bit of a dump. Amid the whopping 2,120,000m² of office space, there are also residential properties. It’s got a lively local scene, too – check out this link for tips.


Best for bright young things: Camden

2Camden Market. Image credit: Grim23


The capital is full of trendy places, but arguably the best of the bunch is Camden. You may be tempted to move here for the market alone, but the fantastic (cheap) local eateries and incredible nightlife will probably be the aspects that win your heart – as well as the indescribable atmosphere. This guide offers a fantastic overview of what’s on in the area.


Best for culture vultures: Islington

3Image credit: Mike Quinn


Once a neglected inner city area, now thriving with trendy bars and fantastic nightlife, Islington is a great place to live if you’re looking to really indulge in the culture of the capital. Of course, most of London is simply brimming over with culture, but this area is so close to the heart of things that you’ll be able to access it all easily. Plus, there are four theatres to choose from in Islington! Check out this feature.


Investing in property, rather than moving yourself? Take a look at this article for an idea on some of the best areas for you, and for some unknown London hotspots, click here.


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