Our Top Tips for Travelling

OK, so this is the page we  share with the world like ever-wise, patronizing sages everything we’ve learned on our journeys around the world. Basically, you get to avoid the mistakes we’ve made and the problems we’ve encountered. Hope it comes in useful!

1. Take a poncho.

Order one cheap on Ebay or Aamazon or something, because you don’t want rain to ruin your hols, and this can happen anywhere, anytime.

Steve and I are in South East Asia at the moment and yes, it is the rainy season, but the rain isn’t that bad. It’s nice and warm here, anyway. So, wearing our uber-cool ponchos, we’re still able to explore the streets of Thailand comfortably.

Super-cool us!

2. Take a jumper on a flight

Tens of thousands of feet in the air, it gets COOOOLLLDDD! Especially if you’re flying at night. A lot of good airlines offer blankets, but some don’t., and sometimes in a cramped space this can fall off/be tough to adjust, and a jumper can be a hell of a lot easier. Also, airports can be very cold too, so I’d definitely keep a jumper handy in my hand luggage for all travel occasions.

3. Only buy food at markets if it’s covered

You won’t believe the number of flies (and, therefore, germs) that land on exposed food in markets in some countries. We’ve had some delicious food from stalls, but always get the squits afterwards if it hasn’t been covered – we’re lucky we’re not dead really, all the chances we’ve all taken!

market food1
Do try…


market food2
…don’t try!