Locations You Need to Visit at Least Once in Your Life

The world is your oyster, it’s a cliche, but it’s true. We can go pretty much anywhere nowadays, but where are the key locations we should all visit at least once? Here are my picks.


Iceland might not strike you as the most obvious starting point when we’re talking about places you have to visit at least once. But, believe me, it’s a wonderful country. It’s worth visiting for the Blue Lagoon alone. That’s a natural spa located in a lava field in Grindavik.

The most visually impressive site in Iceland, and maybe the world, is the Northern Lights, which are best seen during the solar maximum. So, what is the solar maximum? It’s when solar activity is at its peak, and it’s when the Northern Lights are most visible.


Vietnam is a country of stunning natural beauty, but it’s the kind of place you have to be prepared to open yourself up to. The culture is entirely unique, and even if you’re travelled to other countries in Asia, I guarantee you’ve experienced nowhere like Vietnam.

The first place you should head to is Halong Bay, with it’s beautiful misty waters and traditional boats framed by the valleys either side. It’s something you’ll never forget. And then you can immerse yourself in the food and culture of the country.


If you’re looking for something that combines classical history and stunning natural beauty, there’s no better place to visit than the island of Sicily. It can be found just of the Italian mainland, and if you ask me, everyone should go there once, at least.

There are many Unesco World Heritage sites on the island, but if I had to pick my favourite, it would be Teatro Greco. It’s an archeological area in the rocky hillsides; it was once a theatre that saw the works of ancient Greek playwrights on its stage.


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Speaking of Greece, you have to visit the modern Greece’s capital, Athens. It’s a modern metropolis that has seen hard times recently but retains all of its attraction and splendor for first-time visitors.

The bars and clubs of Athens are as lively as ever, and the food is a world apart from what you’ll find anywhere else. It’s the perfect city for lazing about and socializing in. Of course, there are ancient Greek monuments like the Acropolis to explore too.

Los Angeles

There’s no city in America quite like Los Angeles. It’s the most modern centre of culture and art, yet it has a stunning coastline and mountain regions to explore as well. You can go climbing in the hills and feel like you’re in the most remote area in the world.

But a few minutes later you can be in the heart of the city, walking the Hollywood Walk of Fame and visiting some of the most well-known bars and restaurants in America. That’s the true beauty of Los Angeles! It is the world centre of film and television though, so no visit would be complete with seeing the Hollywood sign.

Each of these locations offers something unique, so make sure you visit them at least once.

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