A Budget Holiday Doesn’t Have to Equate to Half-Baked Fun

Some of the big data analysis operations make a lot of money just aggregating, organising and making sense of information which is actually freely available. When such information is presented in a certain way however it becomes that much more valuable and so retailers and service providers catering to specific markets to which that information is significant can make better planning decisions to ultimately maximise their profits.


The various players in the travel and tourism sector for instance are just lining up to eat up information such as the fact that everybody spends on average 30% more while travelling than they do in their everyday lives. You spend more on the food you purchase, accommodation, obviously, some souvenirs perhaps and you generally just buy more stuff and pay for more services than you would at your college residence or at home. These types of stats perhaps have the opposite effect on students, by way of the enthusiasm they invoke. If travelling costs you 30% more than what you spend in your everyday life, then surely this means that you can seldom afford to travel as a student, right? It means travelling is 30% more expensive than normal, everyday life, doesn’t it?

Not necessarily hey! Travelling is not 30% more demanding on your pocket — it’s just what you’re inclined to believing. In reality, travelling can cost less than the expenses related to your daily life, which swiftly brings us to the fact that a budget holiday doesn’t necessarily have to equate to a half-baked one. With proper planning and with clever use of all the financial dynamics associated with someone enrolled to an academic course, the holidays you take as a student don’t have to have you settling for half-baked holiday fun.

So here’s how to make sure what you take as a budget holiday doesn’t just end up leaving you yearning for more:

Student Discounts

This perhaps goes without saying, the fact that you should just make full use of all the discounts extended to you for the mere fact that you’re a student. ALL discounts must be made use of, not only those which are directly related to your travels or those which are directly in line with your holiday. Bus pass prices range according to the period over which you choose to take yours, for instance, and so it could work out much cheaper to opt for the month-long student buss pass so that you can enjoy unlimited trips on the bus and thus save more money over the long term.

Now, the savings you amass from using all your student discounts can go towards your next holiday instead of that cash you suddenly have in hand being spent immediately.

Travel with Your buddies

Travelling as part of a group coupled with student discounts is the ultimate combination with which to ensure you’ll fully enjoy your getaway. You can get accommodation much cheaper if you’re rolling with your buddies and you can also get crazy discounts on fun holiday activities, without even having to go through platforms such as Groupon.

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