7 Tips to Organize an Elegant European Holidays

European holidays exude an idea of elegance, luxury, and wealth which used to be possible only for the rich in olden times. Nowadays, however, people from everywhere visit Europe and live that dream of visiting the different great places that were only possible to know of through books, stories and the movies. So, if you’re one of those who is preparing for a European trip, here are some ideas to help you organize an elegant holiday in the Old World.


     1.   Be informed about the different places. There are so many beautiful places to visit but if you’re short of time and budget, you can’t possibly see them all. As such, gather information on which country you would want to see and gather necessary information about it. It is important to understand some of the culture and be informed about places, food, people, weather patterns, including cultural taboos.

     2.   Make reservations in advance. Since a lot goes to Europe for a holiday, expect hotels and other accommodations to be fully booked especially during peak seasons. Make your reservations but find out about travelers’ opinions and reviews about the place first. Rent a villa near the sea and experience living in a Mediterranean home. If you are traveling with other friends or with your family, it would also be good to rent a luxury car in Europe through the site Primerent for example and select the perfect car for you .

You can travel in style and can jump from one place to another without rubbing elbows with other commuters on public transport systems.

     3.   Try the local food and wine. Europe offers various cultural cuisines and if you are a foodie, you will enjoy the different food in every country you visit. Try out the popular recipes so you will have an idea of the kind of cuisine which you are sure to find in restaurants. On the other hand, you can always have a quick bite in small shops if you are pressed for time or have missed the dining hours. You can also cook your own food if you stay in a self-catering apartment or villa.

     4.   Visit museums and other cultural centers. You can find tons of museums anywhere. Don’t miss out seeing the great art pieces that you have learned in your history class. It’s always worth the tickets. You don’t have to visit every museum since tickets can cost you but the ones that meet your interests will be rewarding.

     5.   Visit during a big festival or carnival season. During festival months or carnival season, you will be immersed in a cultural experience that is both exhilarating and fun! Find out about the dates so you can plan your travel around those times. There will be lots of activities, food, fanfare, and you even get to experience a lot of cultural varieties in a few days.

     6.   Be adventurous. There is always something to discover in Europe. Get lost in winding alleys and discover quaint little shops. Visit the less touristic places so you will have a feel of the authenticity of the area. Most often, you will experience a lot of the culture when you visit small towns. Yet, it is important to know about safety beforehand.

     7.   Enjoy the natural landscape. Europe is full of opulent and beautiful cities but the countryside is majestic and spectacular as well. A lot of people who visit the continent are attracted only to the popular capitals. Go to the seaside or the countryside and you will see a natural landscape that is diverse and equally beautiful as the cities.

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