6+1 Reasons You Should Travel To Thailand

Whether you are planning to teach English abroad or dreaming of a tropical beach holiday – Thailand has it all. From the moment you arrive, you will be warmly welcomed to this spiritual country by friendly Thai people, and fellow teachers, and travelers.

In no time at all, you will understand why this country is a place that some people choose never to leave and make their permanent home.Is Thailand on your Bucket List?

  1. Island Paradise

Thailand has over 150 islands that lie near to her coast.You can hire a long boat and venture off to your own “private island” for the day!

Be sure to arrange to be collected! Do you like to party with your friends or new travel buddies? Kata beach in Phuket has beach resorts and a vibrant nightlife. Head over to Koh Phangan to join a Full Moon Party.

  1. One Night (or more) in Bangkok

Thailand’s capital city is over 200 years old. East meets west in the bustling trade port city, on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. Ancient and modern traditions meet, The Thai Royal Court, the Grand Palace, and Wat Phra Kaew are a ‘must see.’ View the classic architecture style of Thailand, and learn about Thai Buddhism, which is a large part of Thailand’s culture.

  1. Visit Khao San Road

Described as “the center of the backpacking universe” in the cult classic novel, The Beach, Khao San Road is just that. It is the arty, free spirited, hipster travel port to Thailand.

Here, you will find market stalls, guest houses, night clubs, bars, Internet cafes, massage parlors, tattoo parlors, and travel agents. Everything you need, and more, to plan a trip hiking with your teacher friends or meet up with other travelers, to explore the sights and sounds of Bangkok.

  1. Ecotourism

Thailand has over a hundred national parks. Whether you’d like to snorkel in a marine reserve, or learn to scuba dive, or zip line through a forest, or enjoy bird watching, Thailand has it all.

Mu Ko Chang is the National Marine Park. Walk through waterfalls, and spot Thailand’s national flower, the orchid, at the Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park.

  1. Shopping Mecca

Every town has its own market, along with modern air-conditioned Malls. You can have clothes made, or indulge in a shopping spree, it’s a good idea to pack light, as you will need room for your purchases. Head over to Asiatique which has over 1500 boutiques and restaurants, or explore a local night market. Are you ready to shop up a storm?

  1. Thai Cuisine

Thai food is a blend of flavors, influenced by other Asian countries. Whether you’re sampling street food or dining at a restaurant, be sure to sample some of the national favorites like Tom Yam Goong, Pad Thai, green curry or noodle dishes.

Thai food is a mix of sour, sweet, spicy, bitter and salty. Dine in style, and on a shoestring, in Thailand- and enjoy the fusion flavors of Asia.

Bonus Tip

  1. Thai Massage

You will enjoy this local massage therapy, a popular health practice, which is offered all over Thailand. It involves pressure, massage, and the body’s energy lines.

Thai massage is used to treat backaches, relax the nervous system, treat pain, and involves the masseuse using their whole body to target key areas. Thai massage is an ancient art that involves special training and may be combined with special tea or cupping, to detox and heal the body.

Whether you’re planning to teach English abroad or thinking of your next vacation spot, Thailand is a great choice. From its pristine beaches to its bustling modern cities, like Chiang Mai and Bangkok, the whole country is a delight to explore.

Hop on a Tuk Tuk and head to the beach, or sail to your own private island for the day, wander through a local market or enjoy a sunset cruise –indulge in Five Star luxury, or find budget friendly options. Thailand is a unique spiritual country, where you will feel welcomed and connected to the land and its people – put it on your travel radar today!

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