When it comes to places where your money goes a long way, South East Asia is where it’s at. The region’s cheap food, accommodation and transport mean that you won’t need a huge budget to see it all. Today, for those bargain hunters out there, we count down 5 of the best value destinations in South East Asia…


If you’re prepared to venture away from the tourist hotspots, you’ll find that Indonesia presents excellent value for money. This is even the case in Bali, where you only have to head a little inland to see prices drop significantly. Head to Lombok’s Gili Islands, Sumatra, or even further afield for spots completely untouched by tourism where you can snap up a meal for as little as 60p.




Although one of the poorest countries in the region, Cambodia also boasts some of the most interesting sights and scenery. Comfortable accommodation can be found for as little as £1 per night, and although rarely revered for their street food, there are some delicious Cambodian dishes we guarantee you wont be able to get enough of.

3 – LAOS


Travellers to Laos will find prices similar to Cambodia. Although gaining in popularity by the minute, Laos hasn’t yet caught up to the same levels of tourism as many of its neighbours. Head to the more remote south of the country for the cheapest prices, especially in the Four Thousand Islands, where accommodation is basic but more than satisfactory.



Despite a huge surge in popularity over the last few years, Vietnam remains wonderfully cheap. A budget of £5 a day will easily suffice for accommodation, transport, food and even a couple of beers. Local brew Bia Hoi will set you back only 50p. Cheap street eats found in Hanoi’s Old Quarter can be some of the best Vietnamese food available in the whole world. Other good value spots include Sapa, in the north, and Dalat in the South Central Highlands.



Although it may be a little unbelievable given its absurd levels of popularity, Thailand stills presents great value for money – especially if you venture to the rural north. Visit Chang Mai, or slightly further to Mae Hong Son, Soppong and Pai.

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