4 Tips for Bagging Cheaper Holidays

There’s nothing better than a holiday you’ve looked forward to all year, whether it’s a beach break for two, a family sunshine escape or a getaway with your mates, there’s nothing quite like a good holiday.


But it comes at a price, of course. And regardless of whether you’re looking for a bargain break or you’re splashing out on a little luxury, we all want our holidays at the cheapest price possible. So just how can you get cheap holidays without compromising on the break itself?

Here are our top tips.

1.      Be Flexible on Dates

Ok, ok, so if you have school age children it might not be feasible. But if you can be flexible, then be prepared to do so. Before you book at a set week off work, weigh up prices at various departures and return dates. Sometimes a difference of even 24 hours can make a noticeable impact on the pricing.

2.      Compare Prices

Don’t book the first holiday you see. Get a good idea as to where you want to go and when you want to go and then compare prices from a few different travel agents. Some agents offer various price matching type offers. But be sure to check out a few options before finally making that booking.

3.      Weigh Up the Cost of All Inclusive Against Spend While There

Sometimes, the extra to go all-inclusive is significantly lower than the amount of money you would spend on food and drink while there. So look at your holiday spend as a whole – including what you’ll spend whole there – and consider different board options as a way of cutting your expenditure.

4.      Get the Best Deal on Currency

Exchange rates and heavily influence the actual cost of your holiday. Get a good deal on currency and your spending money could go a whole lot further. Get a bad deal and it could end up being a more expensive holiday than you expected.

While you can’t do much about the exchange rate themselves, there are steps you can take to get the best deal possible:

• Compare rates online

• Don’t buy at the airport!

You can use comparison tools like this one.

A holiday’s supposed to be fun. And while it might be a time when you choose to splash out a little, there’s no reason to spend more than you have to.

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