3 European Destinations to Try in 2016

Europe is certainly a continent with many different varieties of travel destinations. Almost every country in the second smallest continent on earth boasts some marvelous and unique sites and awaits wonderful experiences for almost every type of traveler. European destinations that you will try and visit in 2016 will depend firstly on where you have already been. Here are 3 of the European destinations that I recommend you visit in 2016:



Cyprus is a luxury holiday destination full of wonderful sandy beaches, thyme scented mountains, terracotta houses, classical ruins, ancient monasteries and world-class party resorts. With a compelling culture, unique lifestyle and hospitality of its locals, stunning landscapes and its own history, luxury holidays to this Mediterranean country are no less popular than holidays to destinations around it. You will find villages filled with a great number of UNESCO declared World Heritage Sites alone could be enough reason you should explore this beautiful country. Whether for family vacation or a friendly group trip, consider keeping Cyprus in your list for 2016 if you are yet to experience what this small country has to offer.



Hardly any other country has so many wonderful things to offer its visitors as Italy. Italy boasts of very rich historical ruins, wonderful architecture, delectable cuisines, remarkable arts, and stunning natural beauty. It’s a travel destination that travelers love to come and see again and again. The natural beauties of Tuscany, the spectacular villages of Cinque Terre, the Canals of Venice are always irresistible locations for any nature lover. Travelers from all around the world always crowd the wonderful ruins, castles, museums and cathedrals in the heart of Rome. What other country can be a perfect destination to taste finest of wine and foods than Italy? Staying in a luxury Italian villa can only add to the experience. If you are yet to experience the best of what this great nation has to offer, make 2016 the year to do that.



Croatia is a country where tourism infrastructures have not developed as much as they have developed in most other countries in Europe. With wonderful beaches, sprawling vineyards, vibrant, historic cities, an exciting blend of tradition and glamour, deep blue waters of Adriatic coastline, startling mountains and more than one thousand islands, Croatia is a travel destination that won’t disappoint whatever kind of traveler you are. If you love water sports, you can expect to have plenty of opportunities in the popular beaches in Croatia. Its delicious foods, incredible wine, interesting architecture, oodles of history, summertime sun, great swimming, and breathtaking natural beauty all will ensure you have some unforgettable experiences.

If you are yet to visit these 3 wonderful European destinations, get ready and keep these in your list for 2016 and enjoy your travels.

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