You’ll Move to Spain After Reading This!

Have you ever wondered why so many UK residents uproot and relocate to Spain each year? Some would say they simply want to experience a better climate and a more relaxed atmosphere. However, the situation over there has a lot to do with the average person’s decision. As you will learn in a moment, the Spanish property market is incredibly appealing to people living in the UK. There are many different elements that join to make buying a property in that country a good idea.


Half a million new homes were built in Spain during the first decade of the millennium. While 60% of them are now inhabited, many of them still remain empty. When you add that figure to the amount of properties Spanish companies are building at the current time, it’s easy to see there is a lot of choices.


House prices in Spain are a little cheaper than you might encounter in the UK. The average British townhouse now costs around £250,000. The same property in Spain can be obtained for as little as €200,000. When you factor in the exchange rate, that’s not a bad deal. On top of that, there are a lot of British people already living in Spain. That means making friends and starting a new life is not going to be difficult. At the last count, there were 297,229 British expats residing in that country. The number continues to rise on a weekly basis.


We’ve attached a quality infographic to this post that contains more information for anyone who wants to learn more. Take a moment to read through it and educate yourself.


Infographic Credit RDT Abogados

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