Why should you know another language when travelling?

Enjoying an excursion into the European countryside
Enjoying an excursion into the European countryside

Nowadays, travelling is not as restricted as it used to be. Although it can still be pricey, there are so many blogs and websites now on the internet advising how to travel on a budget or how to make the most of your holiday without over-spending. This is why, today it is easier more than ever to plan your trip abroad and not come home completely broke! The most common thing these blogs and websites will tell you is to stay away from tourist hot-spots. Why? Because it is there that the prices for the same products and services will be higher and they will be more ready to over-charge you. One good example of this, is this story that hit the news last year when British tourists in Rome were charged 64 EUR for… ice cream! Sounds unbelievable but unfortunately, this does happen quite often when the tourists visit somewhere new without prior knowledge of the place.

Learn French in Paris and see the sights featured in Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code
Learn French in Paris and see the sights featured in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code

Should this put you off travelling? Of course not! In fact, it is something that should inspire you to do it more often as there are so many great places and memories to experience. However, knowing a foreign language can really make the difference between a good trip and an “unforgettable” trip. Although English is gaining a lot of popularity, it is by no means safe to assume everyone will speak it abroad. Moreover, many locals really do appreciate it when tourists try and speak in the local language – even if it is just a few phrases. Why stick to your hotel bar in the town centre when you could be exploring all the nooks and crannies of a certain place and learning all about the locals and their culture?

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Michelangelo’s hauntingly beauitful work, The Pieta in St Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City

For those who are motivated by learning a language but think they have no time or maybe even no ‘skill for it’, then think again! Now, it is easier more than ever to pick up a new language with a multitude of resources on the web or outside. One of the best ways to learn a language is to a) learn it in context and b) to be in the same place where the language is spoken. Not only will you get a better feel for the culture there but you can also practice your language every single day with many different people in many different scenarios. One company that specialises in language and travel trips is Sprachdirekt. When you book a course here you don’t only book the tuition but you also get a wide choice of activities to pursue alongside your classes to make sure you’re learning about the culture first-hand but even more importantly, practicing your language skills!

If you were thinking of taking a holiday to France, Italy or maybe even South America, then why not choose a language course to follow at the same time? No matter what level you are – there are many courses on offer with Sprachdirekt and all you have to do is pick the destination and language. The rest will then be organised by the team: they will book the right accommodation for you and be on-hand every step of the way for any additional support or tips you may need.

If you want to travel – whether it’s somewhere nearby or if it’s the other side of the world, why not make the most of your experience and learn a new language along the way!

The limits of my language means the limits of my world – Ludwig Wittgenstein

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