Which Occupations are in Demand in Australia?

Are you considering relocating to Australia for a future that includes more sunshine, beaches and the great outdoors? Many Brits choose to relocate to Australia for many reasons, including the prosperous economy, the sunny weather and the opportunities that the Land Down Under offers.

There are skilled work visas available in Australia that allow emigrants to work in the country. A skilled migration visa can provide one of the best opportunities for skilled workers to live and work in Australia. But what professions are most in demand in Australia? If you work in one of the fields that is in demand in Australia you will have a better chance of having your application accepted and emigrating to Australia. So which jobs are they?


Construction Project Manager

One of the jobs on the list of Skilled Occupations for the Australian Work Visa is Construction Project Manager, so if you have experience in this industry you will have an advantage. Australia is a constantly growing nation and a lot of construction is underway there, so there is a need for workers in this industry. Project Builder is another profession that is included on the list.

Child Care Centre Manager

There are many young families in Australia and a lot of childcare centres around the country are in need of staff. If you have training and experience as a Child Care Centre Manager and you want to move to Australia this could be a great opportunity for you. You will need to have your childcare qualifications verified by Trades Recognition Australia, provide a detailed job history as well as references from your employers.

Medical Administrator

Professions in the medical industry are in high demand in Australia, so if you have skills, qualifications and experience in this industry it will be easier for you to immigrate on a skilled worker visa. Medical Administrators are needed, as well as Nursing Clinical Directors and Primary Health Organisation Managers.

General Accountant

If you have accounting qualifications and experience this is an advantage when it comes to immigrating to Australia. There is a lot of demand for accounting jobs in this country and professions such as Taxation Accountant. Management Accountant, Actuary, External Auditor and General Accountant are included in the list of skilled professions.


If you are an architect, landscape architect, cartographer or any other type of spatial scientist you will have an advantage when it comes to qualifying for the skilled worker visa in Australia. These jobs are in high demand and your experience in these fields will help in many ways.


If you are an engineer with a lot of skills and experience in your field, you are in luck. The list of skilled occupations for immigration to Australia is filled with Engineering jobs, including Geotechnical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Transport Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Industrial Engineer, Electronics Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Mining Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer and many more. If you have experience in this industry you should have your qualifications verified by Engineers Australia so that you can apply for engineering jobs down under.

Tips for Applying for the Skilled Worker Visa

If you work in one of these professions, or one of the many others on the list of skilled occupations, you might be considering applying for a skilled worker visa for Australia. Here are some tips to keep in mind that will help your application go more smoothly:

  • Make sure that you have your qualifications from your home country accredited by the appropriate body in Australia. If your qualifications have not been “translated” into the corresponding Australian qualifications they will not be considered valid.
  • Your employer will need to provide you with a letter of recommendation on official company letterhead. There are a few requirements that the letter needs to meet, so make sure that you read these beforehand.
  • When you are putting together information about your job history make sure that all periods of time are accounted for. Large gaps in employment will raise questions, so if you went travelling or worked in another job for a period of time you should make sure that these are explained.
  • Make sure that all of your forms are filled out correctly and that the information is verified and true. If you need any help filling out your forms you could always consider using the assistance of a visa agent to make sure that your application is correct and has the best chance of acceptance.
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