Uni Road-Trips Are the Best

Well you could perhaps have interpreted the tile as referring to solo road trips, but we’re actually referring to college or university road trips — road trips taken by students. They truly are the best because of a number of different elements which can only come together as part of the life of someone who’s pursuing their qualifications at an institution of higher learning.


The Privilege of Spontaneity

That period of time during which you’re a varsity student is referred to as the best years of your life for many reasons, one of which is effectively having just the right amount of freedom coupled with not too many responsibilities. Just think about it for a second — 3-5 years either side of your student life and you’re either a school kid who gets what is now revealed to have been small change in pocket money, or you’ve been thrown right into the corporate world and you work eight hours a day for a living. Either way, those who aren’t varsity students have stringent commitments which they just can’t get away from with any considerable flexibility.

Varsity students on the other hand have all the flexibility in the world. Now we’re not suggesting you skip class or encouraging any form of truancy, but students know that sometimes having the option of being able to skip class can be worked to their favour. I mean if you’re fully clued-up about the contents of two upcoming classes falling over Thursday and Friday for instance, it can’t hurt to ask a classmate to lend you their class notes, when you get back, provided you’re ready to “kill yourself” with more work than usual prior to and after a trip you subsequently plan for the “long weekend.”

So basically students have the luxury of spontaneity by virtue of having a flexible schedule — this in conjunction with the extended holidays students tend to enjoy, and spontaneity makes up one of the key ingredients of some of the best road trips you can ever have.

Vastly Reduced Travel Costs

In addition to those reduced travel costs aimed specifically at students, students generally enjoy reduced costs on just about anything. You only need to produce your student card or id to take advantage of something like a student bus pass in order to save a lot of money you can otherwise use to fund your varsity road trip. Go with a bunch of friends, all of whom make use of all the cost-saving student benefits and a lot of memories will be made on the road.

Full and Easy Access to Your Buddies

Solo road-trips are a lot of fun, but those road-trips on which you go with your best friends are the best. Well you perhaps have full and easy access to all your closest friends during your basic schooling days, but you don’t have the kind of money or freedom to go on a road trip as you do when you’re in varsity. Make full use of this opportunity while it lasts because once you all grow up and the responsibilities start mounting up, you’ll be lucky to enjoy the time and freedom to merely visit your friends.

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