Travelling the Globe: Shoes for Adventurers

Travelling the Globe: Shoes for Adventurers
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Although the wintery weather is currently making us wrap up warm, it won’t be long until many of us jet off to sunnier climates. Travelling the world is perhaps one of the most exciting adventures you will ever embark on, and whether you choose to travel locally or a little further afield there are plenty of things to think about. Although it might not seem like an overly important factor – what with your passport, visa and travel funds to think about – but one of the biggest dilemmas for those about to head off on their travels (especially for women) is what shoes to pack?

 Whether you’re heading off for a month in Australia or you’re on a much longer adventure experiencing several countries, footwear is especially important as you’re likely to be spending a great deal of time on your feet. This poses the problem: deciding upon practical footwear that’s stylish too, and is there really a perfect travel shoe?

We tend to think of practical footwear as boring, frumpy and something you’d generally associate with people of a certain age – something to be avoided at all costs. Durability, versatility and comfort doesn’t mean you have to invest in those awful sneaker-sandal -shoes so often modelled by those older American tourist types with socks, in fact, they are clunky and can often rub (especially when worn without those ever-attractive socks).


Hiking boots
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Similarly, travelling doesn’t mean you have to resort to hiking boots. Unless you’re exploring the rainforest or considering conquering a rocky mountain, then hiking boots are again fairly clunky and in hot climates will do your feet no favours. As you’re likely to have limited space in your hand luggage too, these are something to avoid as although they’re often fairly light weight are usually fairly chunky. Another problem with walking boots is that, unless you’ve spent some time prior to your trip wearing them in, then blisters are inevitable which is something you certainly won’t want to be faced with.

High quality trainers such as those on offer from Skate Hut are the ideal choice for those fashion conscious among you, whether you’re exploring ancient ruins or are hiking from hostel to hostel. Although they might seem like an odd choice and purely a fashion item, good quality trainers offer plenty of support for your ankles, are durable and easy to wash and can are extremely comfortable. Alternatively, Birkenstocks are a fantastic option for those who aren’t a fan of a sneaker and are the perfect choice for those of you who plan on spending your days trailing around historic towns and cities or relaxing on golden sandy beaches. These shoes are certainly a “marmite” item, but whether you love or hate them, they are very much back in fashion of late.

Of course, whatever you pick you have to be happy with both in terms of comfort and style, especially if your trip is a long one. In truth, there really is no perfect travel shoe and it is worth packing a couple of options – so long as you have the room in your rucksack!

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