Travel in Style with These Luxury Modes of Transport

The worst part about travelling is the need to move from one place to another. You have to rush around, making sure you get everywhere on time. You feel tired and stressed, not to mention often unclean, and you just want to get where you’re going. The day teleportation is invented will be a happy day for many travellers. But traveling doesn’t have to be so stressful. In fact, it can even be enjoyable. However, you do have to spend a little more money for the pleasure. If you’ve got the cash, traveling on luxury trains, planes, cars and boats make the experience much more comfortable.



Perhaps trains aren’t the first mode of transport people think of when they want to travel in style. But luxury train journeys are available all over the world, from England to India. There’s the famous Orient Express, which featured in the Agatha Christie novel. Its 1920s Art Deco cars can take you from Paris to Istanbul, from Venice to Stockholm and more. Then there’s the Golden Eagle, which you can ride along the Trans-Siberian railway. It has a plush interior, butler service, and two dining cars. Or you could explore Africa on the Rovos Rail Pride of Africa, where the dining and South African wine list is top notch.


Planes are becoming more and more sophisticated as they get bigger. Once first class would have meant champagne and a nicer seat. But now a first-class ticket could mean your own room with a double bed and everything you might find in a hotel room. But travelling in first class means sharing the plane with other people. If you would rather fly alone, or with a small group, a service like Stratos Jets is a better option. Instead of sharing with hundreds of other people, you can sit in luxury with a drink and a meal, undisturbed by others.

Cars and Road Vehicles

Driving can be extremely boring, stressful and frustrating. Having to drive yourself everywhere when you’re travelling can take all the fun out of your trip. Clearly the solution is to have someone else drive you everywhere. But what sort of vehicle should you use? Limos might be the go-to choice for many people, and they certainly offer a level of luxury. You can sit back with a bottle of champagne of plush leather seats, on your own or with a group of friends. But if limos are a bit too extravagant, there’s always private cars. Why not travel around in an Aston Martin?

Boats and Ships

The ultimate status symbol has to be owning a yacht. If you’re going to sail the high seas, then on a yacht is the way to do it. With someone else manning the boat, you can sit on the deck and enjoy the sunshine. Or for something a little less solitary, a luxury cruise ship is sure to make for a fun adventure. There’s no need to own a boat when you can book a cabin on one for a luxury holiday.

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