Top 4 tourist spots of New Jersey

If a group of you and your friends or family are heading to New Jersey for a well-earned vacation, you’ll want to know the best places to visit to enjoy all the fun the State has to offer. Whatever the weather there’s something for everyone and you can gather even more incredible memories if you hire a Party Bus limousine from to see the sights.

Boardwalk at Atlantic City


Always a popular place for those who want to hit the coast of New Jersey, Atlantic City is famous for its Boardwalk.

At 4 miles long and built way back in 1870, it’s been the meeting place for millions over the decades. Drawn to the location where you’ll find the majority of the attractions offered by the city, it’s a wonderful place to watch the sea from one of the few surviving piers in the area. Rent a bike to cycle the length of the promenade or take the quirky rickshaw-style rolling chairs if you don’t want to walk  but ensure you visit Entrance to the Stars; a great place to learn about celebrity history where there are handprints of past and present Hollywood A-listers such as Frank Sinatra.

Liberty State Park


Proudly overlooking Upper New York Bay and Ellis Island, Liberty State Park is an enormous 1,212 acres of waterside beauty. As well as the fact it has some of the best views of the Statue of Liberty, there’s lots to do whilst you’re there. Incredibly, the park even has its own harbor area in the shape of Communipaw Cove. Covering 36 acres of the park as well as being tidal, this salt marsh haven is a nature reserve and there’s a interpretative Center on site so you can find out more.

As well as relaxing in the expanse of greenery, you can also fish, kayak and cycle and there are some stunning if sobering memorials to both the Holocaust and 9/11 with art installations known as Liberation and Empty Sky.

Thomas Edison National Historic Park


This really is a must-see on the bucket list of anyone visiting New Jersey. It’s the former home of Thomas Edison and is the location where his incredible work in cameras, sound and batteries took place. There’s the chance to see the laboratories where he worked, original items he worked with and the chance to visit his 29-room mansion, Glenmont.  Arrive early to visit his home as the tickets are limited and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Battleship New Jersey


For maritime enthusiasts and those who have dreamed of sleeping on a battleship, this is a great attraction to head to.

Battleship New Jersey is famous for being the most decorated vessel ever in the US Navy and now sits resplendent as a museum on the Delaware River. Take a guided tour through the ship which was launched in 1942 and you’ll see a number of exhibits and artefacts. Hop up to the bridge to see where the Pacific Fleet was commanded from by Admiral Halsey and if you want the ultimate experience, join a twilight tour and spend a night aboard.

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