Tips on Holiday Shopping


Whether you’re thinking of taking a Europe river cruise or an American beach holiday, one of the best parts about vacationing abroad – other than the glorious weather – is the wealth of new shopping experiences. Let’s take a look at some top tips to fight your shopper’s fatigue, helping you make the most of money whilst also grabbing some well-deserved bargains this year!

Buying For Others

You’ll no doubt have some presents to buy for family and friends, so to make this task easier it’s best to create a purchase list before you depart for your holiday. We’ve all been there – wondering around the shops aimlessly because you’ve forgot who you’re meant to be buying for. So take your list that little bit further and add budgets beside everyone’s name so you don’t end up eating into your own purchase pot!

Refunds and Exchanges

Before you purchase an item, be sure to check the shop’s refunds and exchanges policy. You’ll quickly find that not all stores are the same, and unless you inquire about the terms and conditions regarding your purchase, you could find yourself stuck with the item.


Don’t Do It Alone

Shopping is always more fun if you’re with someone else, so if you’re holidaying with friends or family, make a day of it and bring someone along! Break up your shopping time by having lunch and frequent drink breaks, especially if you’re in a hot country. Furthermore, if you simply have no idea where to start your shopping (or don’t know where the shops are), the staff in your hotel should always be the first point of call – don’t forget, they’re locals!

Personal Assistants

Some shopping malls offer a personal assistant service who will not only guide you around the stores, but will also provide fashion advice – and even carry your bags for you! Although this service comes at a cost, you’ll spend a lot less time trying to balance your bags on each arm or getting lost in all the aisles.


Checkout Essentials

Once you’re in the queue and ready to buy, the last thing you’ll want to be doing is rummaging around your bag for your cash or credit card. Keep these checkout essentials in a separate zip pocket for easy access!

It’s also advisable to avoid using credit cards altogether whilst travelling, as these are connected to a line of credit which could have serious ramifications for your credit score if your card were to become compromised.

Instead, opt for a safer alternative, such as a prepaid card . Prepaid cards are not connected to credit facilities, nor to a bank account, meaning that only pre-loaded funds are available on the card, limiting any potential damage from card loss or theft.

Ship It Back Home!

Just because you’re shopping abroad this doesn’t mean you can’t make any sizeable purchases. Whether it is in store or at the local post office, why not ship your items back home instead of trying to figure out how to fit them in your suitcase!

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