Staycation? Don’t Forget to Prevent a Flu Crisis on Your Vacation Plans

The threat of a deadly pandemic has forced many Americans to take extreme measures in order to prevent their families from contracting the deadly virus. However, some people are taking full advantage of this move, which is causing the US healthcare system to breakdown. As a result, people are canceling vacations and sending home staff to cover the remaining days of the flu. According to the Wall Street Journal, insurance estimates show that the three biggest factors contributing to why premiums have increased so significantly across the board are fewer people paying their entire premium on time, more people being sent home due to illness, and the fact that the US health care system is so broken.

One of the reasons that fewer people are paying their premium on time is because there are fewer vacation plans available. The reason that vacations have become harder to get paid for is that it’s become more difficult and expensive to get coverage. Lately, many people have canceled their vacation plans and sent home staff members due to the threat of an impending pandemic. Additionally, the fact that there has been an increase in cases of swine flu has caused travel to become a bit more dangerous. Many Americans who used to travel once a year to have downgraded to only traveling once or twice a year due to fear of catching the flu. As a result, fewer people are visiting places like Disneyland and other popular tourist destinations.

The fact that fewer people are paying their premiums on time is also causing health insurance costs to skyrocket. Because it’s become more difficult to get coverage, many health insurance companies are raising their rates so that they can make a profit. Moreover, because travelers have canceled their vacations and sent home staff members, hospitalization costs have skyrocketed. As a result, hospitalization charges for patients are running higher and prescription costs for individuals are even higher than usual. On top of these issues, many health insurance companies have implemented very expensive cancellation policies, which force travelers to pay a cancellation fee if their trip has been canceled due to a pandemic or flu.

Not all hoteliers are affected by this problem either. A few states are attempting to help travelers deal with the issue by passing laws requiring hotels and other large hotels to implement strong pandemic preparedness plans. For example, in Washington State tourists are required to be in contact with their public health departments even when at home. In addition, all hotels are now required to have a virus clean up team on call twenty-four hours a day. Finally, all travel agents are being requested to put the county seat as well as the state seat of Washington on their itineraries so that travelers will know exactly where they’re traveling to.

If you’re traveling somewhere during the coming months that you’re worried about a pandemic, don’t worry. You can still cancel your vacation plans and you won’t have to pay a cancellation fee. But if you’re already planning your next trip, here are some tips that might help you relax: Make sure you have a sanitary and dependable way of contacting your doctor; understand the fluency of hospital communications (i.e. who to call in case of an accident or emergency) and what to do if a nurse begins talking to you in your hotel room.

There’s nothing worse than planning a vacation, only to learn that your trip has been cancelled because of a flu epidemic. For many Americans a week of relaxing at a spa is the equivalent of two days of working. So for those who take their vacations seriously, stayingcation should be a priority. The most important thing is that you remember to cancel your vacation plans in case of an outbreak. If you do that, you’ll be able to enjoy your much needed break and not worry about catching a cold or the flu.

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