Spain, a popular destination for Raising a Family

Among the many options for families wishing to relocate abroad, Spain is considered a top choice location for expatriates and professionals looking for a family-friendly country with the right conditions and infrastructures to enable them to raise their children in a safe and comfortable environment.


There are many efficient international removal services available in Spain like for example Blissmoving , to facilitate your move to such preferred cities like Barcelona and Madrid- which, because of their cosmopolitan character, facilitate integration for foreign families into the local international community and also afford greater work opportunities. Spain’s warm and mild climate, the low-cost housing and its high standards of living are major reasons for families to relocate there.

For employment, the National Employment Institute is a perfect resource that has a comprehensive list of shortage occupations through Spain. Various schooling options are available, from public, private or semi-private schools; the latter are highly recommended because they require less fees and have better facilities overall.  On the other hand, international schools are always a great choice as they can provide the best multi-cultural education for kids in general and it is a valuable opportunity for them to find friends of any nationality with whom to form a lasting bond of friendship. They also teach you to get along well and respect the differences of other cultures, so they’re definitely a life-enriching experience they will carry with them always.


Excellent resources such as Kids in Barcelona will facilitate the integration process for foreign families and provide many opportunities to network and share in activities with the local and the international community. On top of that, it is always easier for families with children to connect with other families among the local population, and get some great tips by word of mouth on the best way to enjoy the folklore and traditions of their hometown and Spain in general. While children safety is always a prerogative in Spain, kids are often allowed to play in the streets and run around in the local piazzas, and is something that may take some time for newly relocated foreign families to comprehend but this is due to the low rate of crime and child abuse which also makes Spain exceptional in many regards.

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