Our Wonderful time in a Yurt in Snowdonia

The problem with having kids is factoring them into your holiday. Call me selfish, but since my two came along, I’ve had to take more time to consider money, journey length and what they can/can’t do and where we can/can’t stick them if my husband and I want to do something cool or simply have some alone time.

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So planning a getaway for Easter that’s cheap, accommodates kids and is fun for adults as well is no easy task. And yet I achieved it, and so I am led to write this article all about our week-long stay in a yurt on an eco-retreat in Machynlleth, Snowdonia.

The Yurt

A yurt is ideal for campers of all ages that offers a very relaxing sight and a perfect place to escape the pressures of everyday usual life. For a mum like me, who spends most of my time chasing after kids and dealing with household chores, this was a clean break. I don’t get to see the house and all the cleaning it needs, but instead, I was overwhelmed of what a nice place this is.

The Location

The eco-resort we stayed on is situated in a valley, in the depths of Dyfi forest, one of UK’s largest forests. It is easily accessible through rail, for those who are commuters. They are about seven miles north-east of Machynlleth and has regular trains passing from Shrewsbury, Birmingham, Aberystwyth and Pwllheli.

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This is an Eco Retreat site which lies on a remote, beautiful wide farm. The yurts are located in a vast spread of 50 acres of land, each in its spacious and secluded places. It gave my family and I the privacy we need and also, let us enjoy the quietness of such a big place. This place just takes us away from technology because it is in a forest, and is far enough from the nearest houses, which is 2 miles away, so they don’t have Wi-Fi connection (which is an advantage in this setting) and electricity, and let us focus instead, on the ones you go with on this trip (my kids and husband).

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Though having access to technology wasn’t possible in this place, we still got to enjoy other activities like biking in the forest trails. This is a reflective physical activity, which relaxed our minds with the help of its surrounding, and at the same time got us to work out our lower torsos.

Inside the Yurt

The yurt was one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever stayed in. These yurts have cozy double beds, bonfires, and sheepskin rugs to help keep us warm. There is also a provision of self-inflating sleeping mats in case we want to keep a number inside your yurt. My kids, who always like to have their own space, stayed in a beautiful bell tent next to ours so we still got to watch over them.

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What Makes it Ideal for Families?

This is ideal for families because they offer stays at prices any family can afford. Children aged 15 and below are not charged entrance rates (this is surprising in our part). This is a reasonable price already, because kids who would most likely enjoy this stay get to enjoy it for free, so frequenting this place won’t be a problem for parents.

Also, it is a place that should be visited by kids these days. While they are more likely to spend their weekends in front of a computer, a handheld gadget, or any other electronic device, Yurts in Snowdonia are a very delightful diversion from the modern indulgences they are always keeping their eye on. This is proven effective because for a time, my kids were away from their iPads, so they just ran over the hills and told stories to each other inside their little yurt. Its strategic no-electricity place made this possible and promotes social interaction. This allows bonding time for families, friends and lovers who are looking for an escape from the city.

Final Thoughts

So if you’re looking for an affordable getaway for the family, or the persons you love, you better book your stay so they’d be informed beforehand of your upcoming visit. It is important, if you want your stay to be as quiet as possible, to have your stay booked in off-peak seasons so you don’t get to see a lot of people during your stay, making it less city-like.

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