Our Best Bits of Santorini

If you’re looking for heaven on Earth, you can’t go far wrong with Santorini. Embarrassingly, my first awareness of the Greek island was from the uber-trashy reality TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians (oh, the shame!), but it did spur me to look up the island and, ultimately, book a romantic getaway for me and Steve there this summer. Cheap it ain’t, but luxurious it is, so a great place for a holiday if you’re able to afford a bit of a splurge…

A Bit of Background

The view from our hotel.
The view from our hotel.

Satorini is an island in the Aegean Sea, on the southeast of Greece. It boasts gorgeous weather, paradisiacal beaches and breathtaking scenery. The island is all about lazy days relaxing on white-sand beaches, chilled out dips on simply oozes romance.

Chilling out with a book - an English teacher's heaven.
Chilling out with a book – an English teacher’s heaven.

Over our week’s stay, here’s our highlights!

Quad Biking in Satorini

Speaking as a prior quad bike virgin, all I can say is it was an experience I truly won’t every forget! Such a high! I think I was a mouse-turned-tiger, gaining confidence quickly, and the bikes definitely made it easier for us to explore the steep hills and tour Santorini easily, and I ‘d absolutely recommend it to anyone!

Clear the roads, Santorini!
Clear the roads, Santorini!

A Stay in a Cave House

We were ecstatic when we got the chance to stay in one of the famous cave houses in Santorini, located in the village of Oia. We got to see the true beauty of the Aegean Sea, the dramatic cliffs, the volcano and the Caldera from the room that we stayed in during out time in the village. Our one night stay in the cave house gave us the chance to experience what it’s really like to stay in a cave, with all the smells, sounds and intense, exciting claustrophobic feelings really adding to the experience.

Around our cave home.
Around our cave home.

Visiting the Museums

For a break from the beach, we opted to check out the museums and immerse ourselves in the history of Satorini, Greece, heading to the Archaeological Museum and the Museum of the Prehistoric Thera, which contained examples of bronze pottery, plaster furniture moldings, inscriptions, exhibits of sculptures from the Archaic to the Roman era. Learning how this exquisite place began, I feel anyway (not so sure about Steve!), enriched our experience of the island and allowed us a deeper appreciation for the place.

Incredible Dining Experiences

Considering the size of the island, it’s filled with top-class establishments offering mouth-watering dishes that definitely rounded our evenings off in style. Ammoudi was a joinf fave, and is the perfect place to enjoy seafood delicacies while watching the sun set.

A bit arty...
A bit arty…

Final Verdict

Great for romantic breaks but not ideal if you’re on a budget. Guess as well you have to be a fan of relaxing on beaches to really appreciate the place, as it perhaps doesn’t boast the same plethora of activities as other islands and holiday destinations.

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