Organised? Forget the clipboard, just be in order!

Being organised is one thing in life that will always get you where you need to be, on time, stress-free. If you’re one of life’s ‘I’ll do it later’ types, then you might find yourself often late, a bit stressed out, and often forgetting things, but whichever camp you fall into, when it comes to travel, having everything in place is invaluable.

For anyone who has ever missed a flight, nearly missed a flight, or found they were forgetting something important on the day before, or evening morning of departure, you will remember that sickly panicky feeling all too well – avoid it at all costs! A good way to grab a feeling of control is to check your flight status online before you leave the house, and that way, you know exactly what the state of play is!

A display screen listing flights at Terminal One of Heathrow Air

Ensuring you have everything printed out and in order is also a great way to feel in control, and therefore calmer as a result. Checking this in the weeks leading up to your departure will ensure you don’t have any errors or omissions on your paperwork, giving you precious time to sort out any minor hiccups. Keep all your vouchers and email print outs in a small folder, in the order you’re going to need them, and put them safely in your hand luggage, with your passport and visas of course. Sorted!

travel docs

Another major must-do in the time before you leave is to check you have adequate travel insurance organised. This may sound like one of those boring things that nobody really enjoys, but nobody really enjoys things going wrong either, so having peace of mind is certainly the way forward. It’s easy enough to book a single trip travel insurance policy online, and it won’t cost you the earth either. Simply remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions and you’re good to go! Print all the paperwork out and put it in that folder with all the other holiday vouchers and print outs we were talking about earlier.

Whilst going on holiday should allow you a certain amount of spontaneity, after all, you’re supposed to be relaxing, it’s best to leave the fly by the seat of your pants behaviour until you’re firmly in your resort, and keep the organised, sort it all out mindset for your travel plans. Trust me, it’s the safer option all round!

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