How To Make Your Stay In London Fantastic

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London is a magical city that is sure to provide you with an excellent break the next time you need to get away. There are so many things you can do in the capital that it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make sure you take in all the sights. If you’ve never been to London before, you’re in for a real treat. You could spend your morning taking a turn on the London Eye, walk down past the Houses of Parliament and then stroll through the park to Buckingham Palace. Getting there for around 11:30 on any weekday will allow you to see the changing of the guards.

Book your flights well in advance

London is only a short drive away from most major UK cities. However, those travelling from abroad will want to book their plane tickets well in advance. Prices can more than double in the last two months leading up to the flight. Also, booking early will allow you to concentrate on arranging your activities. It might be wise to arrange a night’s stay at the most-luxurious Gatwick Guest House if you don’t like the idea of dealing with the bustling city after a long journey.

Decide what you would like to see

As we mentioned a moment ago, there are lots of things to see and do in London. It all comes down to what kind of experience you’d like to have. Buying tickets for a river cruise is a wise move as that will allow you to travel down the Thames and get your bearings. Most people also like to take in a West End show or two during their trip as well. You can check online at theatre booking websites to see which shows are in town when you are.

Research the best restaurants

As London is the best place in the UK for a romantic getaway, you’ll almost certainly want to do some research into the best restaurants in town. Thankfully, this city is packed with different types of cuisine from all over the world. If you’re looking for something special, it will be wise for you to book your dining experience in advance. Some of the best food establishments sell out very quickly. Indeed, there is one particular restaurant that has a three year waiting list.

Learn how to use the tube

While you will want to take a couple of black cab rides around the city, it’s much cheaper to travel using the underground system. It is possible to reach all the different areas of London in minutes using their service, and day tickets don’t cost much. Just be conscious of the fact that trains are filled with people heading to and from work at certain times of the day.

No matter how you decide to plan your trip to London or what you want to get out of the experience, we are certain you’ll have a fantastic time. Just don’t forget to take your camera along for the ride. Also, try not to bother those soldiers who aren’t allowed to move too much. They have such a hard job.

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