The Most Luxurious Hotels Around The World

Among the world’s best hotels there are a few that are so luxurious, you would consider them to be quite outstanding. Some notable design elements as well as extraordinary levels of service put them in the opulent category – particularly their furnishings, layout, lighting and those special extra touches that make them very splendid indeed. Here are a few examples of some of the most luxurious hotels.

Historic landmarks

new york plaza

Dating from 1907, the iconic Plaza Hotel in New York has been a National Historic Landmark since 1986. The most lavish accommodation you will find here is the Royal Plaza Suite, which offers stunning views of Manhattan. There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a kitchen for your personal chefs as well as a formal dining room, all furnished with sumptuous textiles in a rich, decorative style to provide an ambience of old-fashioned elegance and charm, but with every conceivable contemporary gadget at your disposal. The Royal Plaza Suite also has a grand piano, a gymnasium and a library as well as its own elevator. A white-gloved butler looks after guests in the suite, and the service throughout this hotel is known to be outstanding.

westin rome

The pièce de résistance of the Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome is the extraordinary Villa La Cupola Suite, which benefited recently from a £4.5 million makeover. The largest suite in Italy spans two floors of the hotel, and in the domed living room you can see a magnificent frescoed cupola inspired by the city’s palaces and villas from the baroque, neoclassical and Renaissance periods. In the dining room a Venetian glass chandelier provides the lighting while the luxury bathroom suite includes a Jacuzzi pool, sauna, steam bath and private fitness room.

mardin palace

The palatial Royal Suite at the Mardan Palace hotel in Antalya, Turkey is indeed fit for a king and queen. As with the other prestige hotels, 24-hour butler services are provided, and the Mardan Palace offers you a generous entertaining area and the full complement of additional facilities – grand piano, plunge pool, private office, sauna and two en suite bedrooms. You can laze on the sun deck overlooking the sea or contemplate the great views of the Taurus Mountains on the other side.

The definition of luxury

Striking interior design features in many luxury hotels include tastefully upholstered quality sofas and dining chairs, velvet and silk scatter cushions and windows festooned with swags of extravagantly textured drapes and sashes. Each bed is enormous and beautifully clad in lavish textiles. Clever lighting is always subtle, created by a plethora of stylish uplighters, table lamps and the occasional crystal or gold chandelier. Important touches in luxury rooms also make a big difference, such as fresh flowers on the dressing table, fresh fruit on the dining table and complimentary champagne or fine wine.

Ideal for special holidays, and perfect for highflying business trips, treating yourself to a luxury break has never been so tempting, wherever in the world you want to go.

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