How Will People Find My Travel Blog? 

You’ve gone from a neighborhood spectator to a city traveler. Expanding your horizons over time, you moved up and out through the state, the country, and then the world! And because you wanted to share your experiences, you even wrote about it regularly, and put it all up in a travel blog.

But something you noticed is that your little brainchild isn’t really getting any traffic. There doesn’t seem to be anyone coming through, commenting, interacting, or – anything. So you wonder, how will people actually find my travel blog in the vast space that is the Internet? Your answer lies in within four simple suggestions – brush up on your SEO practices, update your social media presence, don’t be shy about sharing with friends and family, and make sure your blog is presented the way you want.


Brush Up on SEO                            

Search engine optimization has never been more important when it comes to making your content available to the masses on the Internet. Just realize that SEO will change in 2015, just like it changed in 2014, and so on. It’s a constantly adapting monster, so in order to organize your text, photos, and general website data accordingly, you have to know how it works. It won’t necessarily change what you present – rather, having good SEO will just highlight the right parts for search engines.

Update Your Social Media                  

If you have a Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram account, use them! Those three platforms are probably the best way to get people to notice your travel blog. If you research successful travel blogs, you’ll see that they almost always have those pieces set up for easy viewing and subscribing. When people have options with social media, they also don’t feel like you’re forcing yourself on them, as they have at least subscribed to see your updates at that point.


Don’t Be Shy With Friends and Family       

Friends and family can be busy, so just mentioning once or twice about your travel blog might not work. You don’t have to be aggressive, but you can be assertive about having them look. It might take a little extra jolt of energy to move them away from whatever their current distractions are, but chances are very likely that they’ll love your work once they actually see it.

Be Sure To Have a Great Presentation                 

One thing to note is that if your travel blog isn’t well set up, even if it has great content, people aren’t going to really like it. If it’s confusing to navigate, if it doesn’t translate well to mobile devices, or even if the colors or fonts are bad, that’s going to be a big detriment. So overall, just be sure that your basic design is solid.

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