How to Truly Enjoy Touring Around a New Country Like a Local

With the increased popularity of affordable travel and tour packages, many individuals all around the globe are enticed to hop on a plane and venture into an unknown city. In fact, in 2016, over 1.24 billion individuals travelled to an international destination. The numbers continue to grow today.

However, more often than not, travels organised by agencies don’t really expose you to the genuine culture, tradition and lifestyle of a country. Trips are mostly limited to shops where you will most likely shell out cash for small but overpriced trinkets.

It is a sad but harsh reality. If you’re tired of the same old-school trips, you can always choose to book travel packages such as the NITGB activities. Instead of falling for tourist traps, you get to explore your destination like a local. You can visit cosy, affordable and delectable restaurants, check out local bars, trek a forest, kayak in the wilderness, and more.

Why it’s better to visit like a local

Travelling like a local isn’t about blending in. The point of slipping into the character of a local is to avoid the usual and tiresome tourist path. It allows you to engage in more authentic and enjoyable activities, and it opens a whole new perspective – one that you will never get when you choose the usual tourist packages.

Travelling should allow you to immerse yourself in the culture of the country, to marvel at their unusual practices, try their food, and meet the people that make the place unique. Instead of sticking to a guidebook and getting disappointed because your expectations are not met, you can make unforgettable discoveries on your own.

Simple tips on how to visit a city like a local

Always do your research before you visit a new place. Which places do the locals hang out in? Instead of going to websites that offer tourist packages, try looking for local bloggers who provide more intimate details about their city.

Also, don’t forget to learn about the culture, beliefs and traditions. And no, you don’t have to know everything. Just focus on the most important details, such as the taboos. The last thing you want to do abroad is to offend the people because you are not properly dressed or because you do or say something that is culturally inappropriate.

As much as possible, avoid travelling to your target city during peak seasons. Check their calendar for festivals or other events that may draw in visitors. This way, you can truly enjoy the city, plus you get to benefit from cheaper airfares and accommodation.

You should also learn a bit of their language. Familiarise yourself with common phrases such as, “what’s your name?”, “how are you?”, “where’s the toilet?”, “hi”, “hello”, and “thank you”. Nowadays there are language translation apps you can download from Apple Store or Google Playstore.

Last few words

Are you ready to travel like a local? You can check out all the exciting NITGB activities for destinations like Sydney, Sri Lanka, Scotland and Cape Town. They offer a wide range of activities that will help you appreciate your selected destination even more.



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