How to pick the right luggage

Whilst previously, you might not have had a lot of choice when it came to travelling, it could not be more different now, and in fact, choosing the right luggage is very important. Before you even think about picking your luggage, think about the type of holiday that you are going to be embarking on. Are you going travelling, where you will be in new destination every night, or are you going to spend your time away relaxing by the pool? Once you have decided what type of holiday you want, it is time to choose your luggage.image-1-suitcases1

Cabin cases

If you are going away for a girlie weekend, or overnight, the chances are you will not need a very large suitcase. Therefore, try and focus your attention on suitcases that are designed to be carry-on bags. If you are travelling far, and will be taking a flight, ensure that the bag that you pick will fit the size allowance for your airline, as some do differ. Cabin cases as they are known are very similar to wheelie suitcases, just on a smaller scale. The downside is an obvious one – they are not ideal for long trips as they are too small to hold a lot.

Wheelie suitcase

Wheeled cases are probably the most popular choice, and are what pops into your head when you think of luggage. They often offer easy to access packing compartments, along with a variety of different pockets, so you can easily organise your belongings. Wheeled cases are available in different materials, but hard shell cases keep your belongings protected if you are travelling far. Think about how you will be travelling though. If you are moving around a lot, or hopping from one train to another, these are not always the easiest to handle and manoeuvre.


If you are travelling, this is the bag for you. You will not become tied down by a heavy suitcase, and it leaves your hands completely free to explore your surroundings. There are so many different backpacks available in all different sizes, there is bound to be one that suits your needs. The downside is that you are taking all of the weight on your back, which can become heavy if you are walking a long way, and it can sometimes be hard to secure your backpack.

Duffel bags

Finally, duffel bags are perfect if you are going to be travelling with bulky equipment. They are often made of lightweight material, and their soft shell exterior means that they travel well. The downside is similar to those of the backpack. You will be carrying all of the weight yourself, often over one shoulder, which is not ideal for long periods of time.

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