How to Make your Holiday as Stress-free as Possible

Explore places … Dream of exotic foods … Discover and meet new friends! Oh yes, travel time! Grab your bags and let’s get started!  But let’s face it, travelling can send you to an anger management class if you are not careful. So, calm yourself down and just be ready for any travelling dilemmas. Here are five simple tips to keep in mind BEFORE you get on a plane!

1. Monetary conversion. Research about your destination, particularly their currency exchange rate – a fab site for this is XE Currency Converter. When travelling, it is best to have some cash and at least two credit cards with you. Two or three days before leaving for the airport, convert some of your money to local currency. Having some local cash will keep your mind at ease in case of emergency. You can use your credit cards in restaurants or supermarkets or other establishments. Don’t forget to check also the expiration date of your credit cards.

2. Read about restrictions and Travel light. If you want hassle-free travel, read airport security guidelines. What can you bring? What to avoid? Flight problem because of a hairspray is not really a great way to start your vacation, right? So, read baggage guidelines and follow them carefully. If your trip is just for a few days, it is best to buy 100 ml containers for your shower gel, conditioner, etc. You can just put them in your hand luggage. It saves space and you don’t need to drag a heavy luggage.


3. Airport Parking. It’s time to leave! Well … almost! You decided to simply park your car near the airport for easy access. Big mistake. Where will you park it? Getting an advance reservation for airport parking is the only way to do it. Good thing there are parking brokers you can check out and compare. An advance reservation can get you cheaper airport parking Remember, if you want stress-free travel, reserve your parking space!

4. Refresh! Make sure you have your freshen-up ‘tools’ inside your hand luggage. Keep in mind that it is NOT a requirement to look haggard when travelling! You can look ‘fresh’ when you land; just bring your toothpaste, toothbrush and small make-up kit. A few minutes before landing, go to the bathroom and freshen-up! Now, you are ready to conquer the place!


5. Airport pick-up. When travelling, most people just think of hotel accommodations and booking flights. How about reaching the hotel? When booking a hotel, ask if someone can pick you up from the airport. Travelling to a new place can sometimes be nerve-wrecking; it is best and safer if you ask for hotel assistance.

There you have it, five simple tips for a stress-free journey. Travelling is fun! It must make you smile and not give you a migraine. Research about the place, check out websites for some tips or ask your family and friends for other ‘tricks’ about travelling. And, when everything is all settled, just remember what Mark Twain supposedly said – “Explore! Dream! Discover!”

Happy travelling to us all!

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