“Go take a break!”

Well, you don’t want to insult your boss so you decided to follow his advice. A short holiday with friends isn’t bad, right? So, you made all the necessary arrangements at home and you are good to go!

The whole gang left for the airport early to avoid the heavy traffic. Things were perfect when suddenly you saw the dreaded sign – DELAYED!

Is it time to lose your temper? Not really. Your friends are all in a great mood and you don’t want to mess that up. So, you simply told them about the delay and to keep themselves entertained while waiting. The usual chit-chat with friends is great, but here are some other ideas on how to pass the time in an airport.


Walk And Explore   

Some people just want to seat around while waiting for their flight while others prefer to explore. Yes, it’s just an airport, but for sure there are things to see and people to meet, right? So, why not try it. Take just a few minutes to look around and maybe, who knows, you might meet a new friend.

Connect And Surf

If the airport is Wi-Fi ready then it’s more fun. Try the following:

1. Scan and Click!

When was the last time you checked your Facebook or Twitter page? Well, you can do it while waiting for your flight. It will only take a few minutes to look at some ‘Friend Request’ and start clicking or you can scan your ‘News Feed’ and get updated. And, like some folks, why not click a picture of you and your friends having a fantastic time WAITING at the airport! Is that too much!?

2. Feel the Beat!

Remember the songs you want to download, but can’t seem to do it because of work? Well, waiting for delayed flights in airports is the perfect place to do it. Just look for a nice spot in the airport lounge, turn on your mobile, start scanning and download them all. Don’t forget to put on your headphones so other people won’t be disturbed.

3. Read!

Some people love to read books in airports. Unfortunately, some books are too heavy to carry or they take a lot of space in your bag. Why not try ebooks? There are dozens of books to choose from using your phone, tablet or IPad. And best of all some Ebookstores have free books to check out! Just be patient when surfing for a book.

Businessman Using a Palm Pilot

4. Playtime!

If music and books isn’t your ‘thing’ then maybe mobile games will do the trick! There are a lot of new mobile bingo sites at the tip of your finger. If you want to pocket some extra cash for the break, why not join Wink Bingo? If it’s your lucky day you might just take home £1000! Keep in mind, it is just a game! Don’t do something crazy! Like what? Surf the net for some crazy bingo news and you will get the idea.

There you have it! Flight delays aren’t a problem if you know what to do. You and your friends don’t need to get nasty with the airline staff. They are simply doing their job.

So, breathe. Relax. Take a walk or turn on your phone and surf the internet. And, before you know it you will be hopping on the plane!

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