Family Friendly Activities in Thailand

Thailand has quickly become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, but mostly with students and young adults. There is far more to the country than beach parties, late night shows and warm weather that many visit it for though.

An interesting country steeped in history and unique culture, there is tons to see, experience and do for families in Thailand. And through Flight Centre you can get affordable return flights to Thailand all year round.

Street Fun

Immersing yourself in the Thai way of life is as simple as just walking down the street whatever city, town or village you’re in. All sorts of weird and wonderful street food are on offer everywhere, and it’s sure to pique your children’s interest too. From deep fried insects to more appetising curries, it’s a great chance to try exciting new tastes.


Thai massages are available on almost every main street but why not go for a family fish pedicure/spa. This involves putting your feet in a tank as exotic fish swim around helping you and your family relax and will keep the kids entertained.

Unique Museums

Thailand, and especially Bangkok, has plenty of interesting museums. The Erawan museum is a must for anyone and even if you don’t go inside, just seeing the giant three-headed elephant museum is impressive in itself. The three storeys in the museum contain antiquities and collections of ancient religious objects.

The Human Body museum and the forensic museum are two other unique educational exhibitions worth visiting, but if your children are squeamish you’re best leaving them out.


Interesting Buildings

Bangkok is home to some fascinatingly shaped buildings, and though you can’t go in all of them, just seeing them is exciting. The elephant building in Chatuchak is gigantic as three towers merge to form the shape of Thailand’s national animal. The more central robot building features eyes and antennae to represent a huge toy robot. Meanwhile just outside the capital the Wat Samphran temple is a red 12 storey tower with a big dragon wrapped around it.

Explore Island Life

Visit Ko Kret, a small island outside of Bangkok, to really experience Thai life. There is a weekly guided tour which allows you to take in the beautiful scenery, examine and buy some of their trademark pottery, feed the fish in front of the temple and sample the island’s sweet coconuts. You’ll also see the types of wooden houses inhabitants live in.

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