Eat Great Food For Less at These 5 Redmond Eateries

Eating out while you’re traveling can be expensive. Plus, when you look for cheap food, you often end up unsatisfied. However, in Redmond, you’ll find several eateries known for selling affordable, delicious food. Check out these options the next time you’re traveling on a budget but don’t want to compromise on taste or quality.

Rocky’s Empanadas

Rocky’s Empanadas is an Argentinian restaurant that specializes in homemade empanadas and chimichurri. In addition to being affordable, Rocky’s offers quick service and take-out options. The eatery is at 18348 Redmond Way, and you can find their food truck at the Pine Lake Community Center every Tuesday and Thursday.

Rocky’s is located in the Campton neighborhood. You’ll find several hotels and a Whole Foods Market nearby, making this a walkable area to stay in Redmond. Plus, Marymoor Park is just across the street.

Gyro 2 Go

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You’ll have no problem filling up for under $5 at Gyro 2 Go. The restaurant is located a few minutes southeast of downtown at 16855 Redmond Way. The shop is inside a mall, so plan an afternoon of shopping to go with your gyro or kebab, or just grab a quick bite before you head out to explore more in the city.

Herfy’s Burgers

Just north of downtown Redmond is Herfy’s Burgers. This is a straightforward restaurant serving comfort foods such as cheesesteaks, milkshakes, and burgers. You’ll find the shop at 8460 164th Ave. NE #120.

You can stay at one of many excellent hotels in downtown Redmond, making it easy to walk to Herfy’s Burgers and other nearby restaurants and attractions. Redmond Square and Redmond Town Center are nearby for shopping, and there’s a Trader Joe’s in this part of town.

Flying Saucer Pizza

Flying Saucer Pizza is a retro-style pizza place northeast of downtown off Willows Road at 14712 NE 91st St. If you’re visiting in the Earlmont or Willows neighborhoods, this establishment is just down the street.

Staying in this part of town puts you close to Flying Saucer Pizza and Sammamish Valley. After an afternoon of hiking, kayaking, or stand-up surfing, order some wings and appetizers, pizzas, and craft beers at the restaurant.

Ooba Tooba

Another option near downtown is the fun-to-say Ooba Tooba. This is another counter-serve restaurant, but Ooba Tooba specializes in Mexican food. You can order food to eat-in or take-out, or you can stay at your hotel and have tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and more delivered to your room.

In addition to its proximity to downtown attractions, this eatery is just a couple of blocks away from the Redmond Transit Center. Look for a hotel in this area to enjoy access to incredible, affordable food and easy transit to other attractions in Redmond and the nearby area. Find Ooba Tooba at 15802 NE 83rd St.

It can be hard to travel and eat on a budget, but in Redmond, you have dozens of options representing a variety of cultural fare. Whether you’re just passing through or staying for a long vacation or work trip, you can get your fill at these affordable restaurants.

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