Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro: Machame Route

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a goal of many enthusiastic outdoor lovers as well as a top hike added to many a bucket list. Mount Kilimanjaro is considered one of the best hikes in the world and a common choice for traveling backpackers. Kilimanjaro has seven main routes that are used to climb to great heights above the mountain, one of which is the Machame Route, one of the more popular choices with hikers.

The Machame Route is the most popular choice because it offers wonderful views of the natural landscape as well as several animal habitats. Seasoned climbers as well as more than half of Kilimanjaro climbers choose this route as they climb the mountain. Also called the Whiskey Route, Machame is a tough hike as compared to other routes along the mountain. The trails are quite steep and are based on longer distance climbs with hikers using tents to camp along the way.


Hiking Time Frame

If you are a first time climber of Machame, you may be wondering just how long the hike takes. The climb takes around six days and five nights spent on the mountain. However, the hike usually takes seven days to be able to acclimate to the altitude better with less risk of health issues.

Starting Point

When you start, you will begin at the Machame Gate which is located at the southern base. The area is a thick rainforest with lush plant life. The route then travels towards the Shira Plateau and then meanders around the southern circuit halfway around the mountain. It is in this area you will see one of the best views, from every angle. You will then be approaching the summit from an easterly direction and then descend via the Mweka trail.

From gate to gate, the route is 37 miles. The trail is for those who are physically able to hike strenuous trails and for an extended period of time. You can choose various starting points as well as finishing points based on hiking time, distance and altitude. You will find camps along the way to have an area in which to rest and adjust to altitude as you move forward along the trail.

Planning an Expedition

Perhaps you are now ready to begin planning your expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro. You will need to plan your arrival, hike and then departure. While you can do this on your own, why not use a local travel and hiking company? With the right resources, you will be ready to begin Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro —Machame Route and enjoy the majestic beauty that can be found along the way.

When working with a travel company, you will be able to arrive with ease and have the route planned out for you. As we mentioned, the hike takes around 7 days to complete and the travel company will provide you with a guide who can ease you along as you explore the Kilimanjaro mountain area. Make plans today to begin your dream hike!

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