Career Ideas for People Who Love to Travel

Just as is perhaps the case with all other industries, in the travel sector there are what you’d easily refer to as mainstream jobs and careers people have in mind when completing a travel-related course or qualification so that they can work in the sector. Nine out of ten times if you speak to someone who’s pursuing a qualification in the travel industry, you likely imagine them working as something like a tour-guide or even a travel agent.


For people who are passionate about travelling and simply love to travel however, pursuing a career in the travel industry opens up a whole new world of possibilities which seem endless if you take the time to look deep enough. You can get a lot of satisfaction out of what appears to be a very simple part of the typical process of a client going through the process of booking their getaway and finally going away. So if you do indeed harbour a deep-running love for all things travel, here are a couple of career ideas for you which you may not have been told about or considered yourself:

Niche Travel Shop or Service

Look you obviously have to have some start-up capital in order to pursue a career in travel in this way, but operating a niche travel shop or service is perhaps one of the most rewarding ways through which to earn your living with something you love doing yourself. There are plenty of niches to explore, isolate and capitalise on, from the more obvious ones like running a travel agency to the not-so-obvious ones, like perhaps catering to the eco-tourism market. A great example of an isolated niche market which fits into the bigger travel industry is that of Leisure Lakes Bikes, a family run bike and cycling accessories outlet which is operated by people with a clear passion for the outdoors. In the words of Beth Noy – Marketing, E-Commerce & Social Media Manager, “Earlier this year we opened Leisure Lakes Bikes 417, our dedicated mountain bike store, at the new Flyup Downhill 417 project in Gloucester which is another exciting project offering a whole range of mountain biking including a dedicated up-lift service. We are looking forward to the future of cycling and Leisure Lakes Bikes!”

Cycling would otherwise not really be directly associated with a possible travel industry niche around which to build an exciting career, and as is the case with one segment of Leisure Lakes Bikes’ business, the overheads of opening and a niche shop or service in the travel industry can be greatly reduced by going it the e-commerce way.


Look, if you love wind-surfing for instance, wouldn’t it be rather nice if you could get paid to do that all day? The same applies to something like scuba diving or anything really which has something to do with travel and adventure. Many travel-related companies, including those operating at very specific travel-niche levels, would love nothing more than to have someone practically demonstrate what they have to offer to potential customers.

There’s a young lad from Spain who landed himself a nice job on Richard Branson’s Necker Island as a wind-surfing instructor, quite simply because he took the initiative to write to the luxury retreat’s staff and just ask about what they get up to, in line with his own interest in wind-surfing.

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