Bucket List Worthy Holiday Ideas

There is a good chance that with the new year fast approaching, you are already thinking about trips for January. It is around Christmas and New Year when we all seem to take stock of where we’ve been, what we have done and where we still want to go.

Bucket Lists are becoming more popular, and you can even find online communities to share your list and keep track of others. Here are three bucket list travel destinations that everyone should add to their list for next year.

The Northern Lights: Iceland

If you are looking for a winter break to add to your bucket list then, Japan in winter or a festive Lapland break with the kids are both top choices. There is something even more mystical and alluring though, and that is a chance to see the Northern lights.

The Northern Lights are a phenomenon of great beauty. They are notoriously unpredictable to see and hard to track. This beautiful display is the result of gas particles in earth’s atmosphere colliding with particles from the sun’s atmosphere. Known as the Aurora borealis, these dancing lights can be seen in the northern or southern hemisphere but have been spotted as far as Edinburgh and New Orleans.

Take a trip to Iceland to try and chase the lights, and you can even take a dip in the Blue Lagoon – a geothermal spa, off of your bucket list.

City Break: NYC

The bright lights of The Big Apple have twinkled brightly enough to draw millions of travellers to visit. New York is full of popular tourist hotspots such as The Empire State Building and Central Park but also has plenty of hidden gems to be discovered.

Take a shopping trip (or ten!) and hit the major department stores for designer goods. Then find a small and intimate eatery where you can take your very own bite from what the big apple has to offer to people on a daily basis.

Learn to Surf: Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the friendliest places to visit. The weather and scenery are also irresistible. If you’ve ever wanted to learn to surf, then why not do it in one of the most beautiful places on earth? You can also catch some of the best waves!

Looking to a stay at one of the local luxury hotels? If you visit Koloa Landing Resort it shows good examples of what is on offer in this area if you do your research.

You could even take a tour out to one of the top local beaches to see the majestic Hawaiian sea turtles in their natural environment. The possibilities for adventure and family friendly trips are endless!

Wherever you decide to go, make it somewhere new and exciting so that it will be a trip that you remember for years to come. Keep track of your own bucket list and take inspiration from others. You might just discover even more new and exciting places to visit on your next trip.

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