Bored at the Airport? Here’s Our Online Game Hotpicks!

Travel has become a sort of necessity for me lately. Working miles away from hearth and home would unavoidably lead to the symptoms of homesickness and longing for family and friends. The moment my cash inflow became even moderately steady, I started booking flights to and from my hometown. Three months into my stint of being a small-town jetsetter, I discovered an oft-ignored inconvenience: flight delays. It seems as if Murphy’s Law applies to travel plans more than anything else. I would sometimes spend seven hours waiting for my flight schedule to get back on track. There’s only so much Facebook that can be consumed in those seven ungodly hours.


After multiple incidents of being just plain bored out of my mind, I decided to follow a piece of advice from one of my workmates: online gaming. And no, I don’t mean the flashy MMOs that suck away at your bank account piece by piece. And don’t even get me started on time-killer apps like Flappy Bird! When I say that I picked up online gaming, I mean to say that I picked a productive way of making money while being stuck in an airport. I, my dear readers, have become a regular of an online casino. True, most people would frown on this practice. Naysayers would cry wolf and point out the addictive implications of gambling and how I could be spending my money on more worthwhile venues of consumerism.

To these people, I say that Fortune has always favoured the bold. Would you prefer to spend $15 on a cuppa Joe that would, at best, have no financial return or, at worst, scald your tongue? Or would you take a reasonable risk of $15 in a game of poker that could potentially lead to you winning twice or thrice the amount of money? Granted, there are risks involved. It wouldn’t be called gambling if it weren’t! But these kinds of situations would actually teach you the virtues of moderation and mental discipline. The five minutes of Bejeweled you just logged in would actually be as engaging for no cost, but those jewels don’t actually have any monetary value at all. If the alternative was winning at a hand of Blackjack, I’d drop those jewels in a heartbeat.


The beauty of online gambling is not just for those thrill-seeking highrollers with cash to burn. Even the greenest of the greenhorns can start practicing a wide variety of gambling games without shelling out any cash since most online casinos offer a free demo version of the games they offer. I myself am no 007, with my bets usually being in the $20 to $50 range. What’s more, there’s nobody who’s trying to swindle me out of my money. When I log in during those eternally-lasting flight delays, I’m not being plied with sedating drinks and snacks nor am I blinded by flashing lights and flashier models. I’m at the top of my game with nothing to lose and everything to gain. And I still have three more hours till my flight’s departure.


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