A Beginners Guide To Experiencing The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis are one of the world’s most magical sights. They are right up there at the top of some of the biggest bucket lists, and everyone who is anyone is sure to be impressed when they see this fantastic spectacle light up the night sky. However, the Northern Lights are notoriously unreliable. It’s not as though anyone has a handy switch to make them appear, and you are never 100% guaranteed to see them. That’s why when you do set off on a trip in search of the beautiful Northern Lights, you should ensure that you are fully prepared. This way, you’ll create a memory that will last forever.

Where to see the Northern Lights? If you research a few websites such as The White Circle you will get a good feel for where is right for you. Iceland, Finland, Norway and Sweden are good places to start. If you are extremely lucky, you might even be able to see the Northern Lights from somewhere like Scotland. This is much more unlikely though and you will miss out on the experience of the Arctic conditions that you will find on a more adventurous trip.

What should I pack when I head off to see the Northern Lights? You should pack your warmest clothes and your thermal undies for this trip! The conditions are cold, and you’ll often have to travel out of the city and into remote locations in order to get the best view. Think about packing items of clothing that are warm and can be layered up to create a cosy effect. Thick socks, hats and gloves are also very important for those long waits. Some tour companies will provide you with hot drinks and essentials, but it might also be worth bringing a thermos. Don’t forget your camera! You will want to get some great snaps if the Northern Lights decide to make an appearance.



How to photograph the Northern Lights? This is an important thing to research before you get there. You don’t want to miss any of the action because you are having to spend hours fiddling with your camera to understand the settings. Make sure that you have a good quality DSLR camera and start researching tips and tricks online. A good tripod and a wide aperture are important things to remember. Don’t forget to bring spare batteries and a sturdy case for your equipment as you could be out there for a long time, playing the waiting game!

Who to travel with? It is always a good idea to travel with someone who has similar goals to you when it comes to seeing the Northern Lights. You don’t want to be stuck in the cold with someone who is impatient or uninterested in the sights that you’re about to see. Take a partner or a good friend. Travelling is always best when you are with people you know. Having said that, if you do have to travel alone, there is always the opportunity to connect with like-minded travellers and make new friends along the way.

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