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Feeling like Dolly Parton in 9-5? Desperate to escape the rat race, your swivel chair and endless Pret sandwiches (you’ve eaten everything in Pret and even the Wild Crayfish and Rocket is starting to taste like the Soup Of The Day). Longing for fun, flexibility and above all FREEDOM? Of course you are! But the thought of jumping ship and travelling the world seems like the coolest but craziest thing ever. How would I earn a decent living? What if I become stranded on a desert island and get eaten alive by a bear? Well, I can’t promise the second one won’t happen but I can definitely help resolve the first and that’s by becoming a Digital Nomad!

So what is a Digital Nomad you ask? Well it is literally that – someone who works from their digital device remotely. Take this example – Jenny is a writer who longs to see the world but maintain her great career. She decides to freelance and sets off with a fantastic, modern tablet ready to work from wherever her sandy toes may take her. And voila! She’s a Digital Nomad! But it is not all plain sailing (literally) because juggling travel and work takes a lot of hard work and commitment so here is a bit of advice to help you along your way:

A One Device To Do It All

Forget about travelling with multiple items and devices, that’s just unpractical and very heavy. The way to become a Digital Nomad is with a One Device To Do It All, as Dell ( ) have demonstrated with a lovely infographic (below). Dell have a fantastic range of next generation consolidating tablets which not only act as your all in one but will help kick start your Digital Nomad dream with their advanced tools, apps and services. So no more lugging around gadgets like you’re the tech king. Let’s keep it simple 😉


That old chestnut, balancing life (fun) and work. As a Digital Nomad, this becomes even harder because you will most certainly be subjected to a lot of fun and frolics on your travels, but unfortunately, you have a deadline looming on that article so will have to get your head down. The key is not to get zapped into the pretty postcard life and remember you are there to work, too.

Goodbye Procrastination

If you want to become a Digital Nomad then you better forget about procrastinating otherwise your trip will be very short lived and quickly descend into no man’s land, literally (no work, no money, no idea where you are, SEND HELP). Be productive and treat your hammock like your office swivel chair (sometimes).

Have I scared you off? I hope not, but either way, I would love to hear from you! Let me know if you are thinking of becoming a Digital Nomad or if you have already taken the plunge.

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