A Review of Barcelona’s Ice Bar

When I first suggested Barcelona for our next city-break to Becky, I was scared and she was dubious. I’d only visited once before, and that was with The Ex-Wife. Du-du-duuuuhhh! I think in the end it was Becky’s personal desire to see the great city that overpowered her unwillingness to visit anywhere I’d vacationed with the ex – and we’re both SO, SO happy we bit the bullet and booked the tickets.

I’m going to base this article on one of my personal highlights of Barcelona (partly because Becky, adorable little control-freak that she is, will want to write a detailed account of the city herself, and partly because it was AWESOME!): the Ice Bar.

We only found out about it because we randomly picked up a bunch of leaflets about the city at the airport – it certainly hadn’t been planned into the itinerary – so I feel the need to rave about this quirky little place and give it the credit it deserves.

ice bar2

Where  (and What) Is It?

The Ice Bar is one of this city’s most exquisite lounges, located on the lively beach of EL Somorrostro. What makes this place totally unique to the city is that the whole bar and its amenities, including the chairs, tables and glasses, are all made of ice. It has a bit of strobe lighting going on inside, as well lively tunes and an array of quirky ice sculptures.

Ultimately, on a sweltering hot day, this should be your only destination.

ice bar3

The Fashion Disaster

The temperatures inside the bar range from -2 to -10 degrees which is why guests are welcomed with furry winter jackets and gloves to keep warm during their visits. OK, so these certainly didn’t compliment our outfits, but they added to the uniqueness of the place!

Important Info

This bar is opened daily from twelve A.M to three P.M allowing us plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. Beside the various cocktails, beer and non alcoholic beverages are also available in the bar – all served in glasses made of ice! (Not believing this to be true, I “accidentally” smashed one. Verdict: it’s definitely ice. Clearly as well, a lot of people must do this, because the barman clearly didn’t give a crap!)

Apparently, the design of the bar’s interior usually changes often with every season coming with a different decorating theme thus giving guests a unique experience every time they visit. During our visit there were other couples in their 20s, but also older people, suggesting it’s a popular place for different people to cool off!

For anyone wanting to enjoy the warm Barcelona weather whilst at the bar, there is an eighty meters squared terrace sunspot overlooking the beach where you have the opportunity to step out of the bar for a moment and enjoy watching the lively beach and the crystal waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Any Negatives?

The only downside really was it was quite a small bar, so I guess it can get pretty busy in peak season. Also, the cocktails are mega-strong – though this could be a positive as you’ll pay less on drinks to get smashed!


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