6 Reasons to Have A Destination Wedding

You probably know by now that the location of your wedding can have the power to make or break your happy day. There can be some concern that destination weddings are more expensive than getting married locally. Fortunately, that is not the case and there are many wedding friendly destinations around the world for your happy occasion. Included here are a few reasons why destination weddings can be happier for everyone involved.

No Hometown Family Conflict

Needless to say, some negotiations with your in-laws can get a little testy. None more than the decision of where your wedding should be held. By choosing a destination wedding location, you don’t have to play favorites and choose between two hometowns and in-law hosts. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about running into any old flames while back in town!



Many resorts in exotic locations are now offering complete packages for your wedding and honeymoon. This means couples can fly down, get married on the beach and spend their honeymoon week flush with drinks, restaurants and hotel rooms for only a few thousand dollars. The all-inclusive options can help you save thousands when comparing it to a national average of $29,000 for just the wedding!

Unique Experience

If you are planning your wedding in the backyard of your parent’s estate, they are going to understandably have a significant amount of say in what happens on your special day. By choosing a location that is completely unique to you and your fiance, you will be able to call all of the shots and avoid stepping on toes.


Relaxed Atmosphere

Many locations will require you to arrive a few days early to submit paperwork. This means a few, no-rush days of fun to spend with family and friends before the big day. By choosing a destination wedding you can avoid the one-night crazy reunion before rushing off to your honeymoon and simply go at your own pace.

Perfect for Your Second Marriage

When preparing for your second marriage, you are going to want something different than the production that was put on the first time. By choosing a destination wedding, you can have only a select few of the nearest and dearest there on your special day as well as save on costs. If you are melding a couple with children, you will want to choose a family friendly resort to allow some bonding.

Save on Decor

When you choose a stunning location to get married, you don’t have to do much to dress it up. Whether you choose to have a beautiful view of city lights, walk barefoot on a pristine beach or look out over a vineyard, your experience will be unmatched.

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