6 Different Methods of Keeping in Touch When Backpacking

When you’re backpacking, it can be difficult to keep in touch with friends and family back home. You can find yourself in a place with no internet, be constricted by different time zones, or simply become swept up in your adventures.

There’s always the option of e-mail and Skype, but to prevent family from worrying and keep them up-to-date with your adventures, here are 6 different methods of keeping in touch.

Take Photographs

CC image credit to Rakib Hasan Sumon
CC image credit to Rakib Hasan Sumon

Most people travel with some form of gadgetry, such as a phone, making it incredibly easy to snap and send photos. However, depending on your planned expeditions, you may go days or weeks without internet. Take photos and upload them to Facebook in bulk when you get the chance, so that loved ones can see where you’ve been.

Write Letters

If you’re staying somewhere with a lack of internet or phone signal, write a letter describing the views, cuisine you’ve tried or the sites you’ve visited. It’s time consuming and old fashioned, but the recipient will be touched by such a personal and meaningful interaction.

Send Gifts

Whether you have collected small tokens for family members, or have found something you love but can’t carry, send them home via courier. This way they’ll be insured and you know they’ll arrive safely – the same can’t be said for stuffing them in your backpack!

Create a Blog

A blog is a great option and a method of communication that many travellers adopt, as you can update all friends and family about your travels at once, saving a lot of time. Share your photos, experiences and thoughts, and wait for your readers to respond with comments.

Use Location Apps

There are loads of location apps you can download for your phone. Apps such as Foursquare work in almost every country, so you can add geotags and share your progress with people back home. It’s quick, only takes a second and will let your family know that you’re safe.

Send a Postcard

CC image credit to Katie
CC image credit to Katie

If you’re unable to use a geotagging app, send a postcard instead. Send one from every location you visit so friends and family back home can follow your journey. Of course, it’s not as quick as an app as it will take a few weeks in the mail, but it’s the thought that counts.

There you have it. Whether you have time to update your blog, or can only take thirty seconds to update your location, it’s easy to communicate with friends and family back home.

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