5 Tips for Anyone Heading To Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest, German’s premier beer festival, started when the Crown Price Ludwig invited the people of Munich to attend celebrations of his marriage to Princess Therese before the wedding in 1810.  The following year the event happened again, with the addition of horse races and an agricultural show.  In time, it became the largest funfair in the world.

Nowadays it has become a 16 day event that begins in later September and although we are going to look at Germany’s Oktoberfest, it is worth noting that many cities throughout the world acknowledge and celebrate it.  If it is your first time, there is nothing to really be worried or scared about, but the following article will give you 5 tips to help you get your best out of the experience.

Always Plan Ahead

Let’s face it – if you are heading to Oktoberfest, you are going to get drunk to some degree and so are your friends.  With this in mind, you need travel insurance for any and all possibilities. Even if one of you decides to be the designated driver, this idea may eventually go out of the window and even if it doesn’t, the person who nominates themselves as driver will not like you by the end of the day.  It is much easier to take a taxi or Uber and then you can all enjoy the festivities with no bad blood.

Eat Well Before, but Avoid Eating Too Much

german food

Although it is a good idea to line your stomach with some food before you head out to the party, you need to make some room for the lovely Bavarian delicacies that will be available at Oktoberfest.  Along with the many beer stalls, there will be stalls selling knodel, schnitzel, brazen, weisswurst, wurstl and so much more.

Dress In Appropriate Attire

octo girl

Everyone likes to get dressed up from time to time don’t they?  Even if you hate getting dressed up in silly costumes, the phrase “When in Rome, do as the Romans” could be applied here, besides if you don’t wear Lederhosen (gents) or Dirndls/beer maid outfits (ladies, you are more likely to stand out.  Besides, the whole point of attending Oktoberfest is to embrace a totally different culture.


Make Sure You Stay Hydrated

This shouldn’t need to be stated, as it is common sense but, it is worth noting.  Beer at Oktoberfest is served in a stein, which holds a litre; so you should remember to drink plenty of water.  A general rule of thumb, aim to drink at least a bottle of water for every stein of beer you drink.

Let Your Hair Down

The whole point of Oktoberfest is to drink some good beer, have some good food and meet some great people.  It is therefore important that you enjoy yourself and the experience.  Even if it is out of your comfort zone somewhat, let your hair down, mingle and enjoy the weirdness.  There is something beautifully comforting about spending time in a large tent or marquee with friends and complete strangers, from all walks of life, who are all there for the same reason.

The guys over at World Adventure Travel really like writing about alternative active holidays, not your usual fun in the sun, more active adventurous ones, so head over there if you don’t fancy sitting on a beach!

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