3 Of The Best Ski Chalets In Europe

There’s something about skiing I find both exhilarating and peaceful at the same time – weird, right?

Thanks to my parents, I’ve been hitting the slopes since I was a kid and now I try to take a ski break every year – even if it means tagging on to my parents’ holiday (because, let’s face it; I’m still Daddy’s Little Girl, which is terrible when he calls me ‘princess on Facebook, but great when he wants to pay for meals and drink! THANKS DAD!)

I love visiting Europe’s best skiing resorts, cannot get enough of them, and have explored loads of fab destinations with family, friends and, in the last few years, the boyfriend.

So, in celebration of the fab times I’ve had, and to help me cool down because, let’s face it, this Great British sun is something we’re definitely NOT used to, I’ve decided to bash out an article on my fave 3 ski chalets in Europe. Enjoy…


Three Valleys – France

Definitely one of my all-time FAVOURITE ski resorts!

This place is full of stores, bars and restaurants, excellent all round resort offering something for everyone. I’ve visited with my family (including aunts, uncles, granparents and kid cousins), and in a large group of girls, and have equally loved my stay there both times.

Accommodation is ideal for families, couples or groups and it’s only 10 minutes walking distance from the center where atmosphere is AMAZING.

The staff at the Three Valley are great, always really warm and friendly – can’t do enough for you! –  and they provide plenty of facilities for everyone to indulge.

The skiing there is immense, and I love nothing more than to chill out after a tough day on the slopes with a beer and some live music at the base area.

There’s no greater variety in the mountains than in the Three Valley resorts. A crazy number of bars, clubs and pubs that we explored throughout our stay there kept us pretty much busy well into the wee hours!

Kitzbuhel – Austria

It’s Austria that we picked for our second group ski trip – loads of skiing, partying and a shedload of stories that will never be repeated…. Ha ha!


Kitzbühel in Tyrol really enjoys a reputation as one of Austria’s most glamorous ski resort. It’s often complemented by a lovely, traditional atmosphere and amazing skiing. The stylish resort also offers a great selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs as well as a casino if you’re feeling lucky – as we did, although it turned out that feeling must have been something else (trapped wind? Alcohol?) because we didn’t win diddly squat between us!)

Music bar “Highways” attracted us with its outstanding and daring music program, good music and bands choices live, and it’s open all night long. The excellent restaurants, small cafes and bars, the discos in the centre of the city are part of the wide choices on offer. “Kitz” really amazed us with its ski areas and guess what it is affordable for young people like us who wants to have fun.

Bansko – Bulgaria

When I suggested Bansko to my friends as a possible ski vacation resort they all stared at me – where the heck is that ?

It’s in Bulgaria, it is modern, inexpensive ski destination and it’s the most recent transformation of traditional town into a year around international ski destination. My friends were even more surprised on their arrival  with how great this resort was, having failed to read more about Bansko before getting there (or perhaps they just trusted me that much) – especially as it seems to fly beneath the radar.

Although it offered a great skiing experience this place is more than just ski destination. Going out in Bansko means a dinner in “mehana”, a few drinks in a bar and dancing and there are many night clubs to do this. The people were so friendly and I tell everyone how there are no government regulations and the clubs are open until there’s no-one left inside. Apologies that I’m not more detailed about parties we had there…sorry!

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